For your comfort after surgery


Apply ice pack to face on the treated side alternating 20 minutes on and 20 minutes off until bedtime. Sleep with your head slightly elevated using two pillows.


Pain medication should be taken as directed, as needed for discomfort. Should extensive discomfort persist, please call the office or either Doctor at anytime needed. Ibuprofen alone is most often the only pain medication required.


Moderate swelling and possible discoloration is to be expected for 2-5 days. Use warm, wet compresses after the second day if there is no bleeding present.




PLEASE DO NOT SMOKE FOLLOWING SURGERY. Tobacco smoke is an irritant to healing tissue and restricts blood circulation needed for good healing. Refrain from smoking for as long as possible.


We ask that you refrain from strenuous physical activity the day of the surgical procedure and we prefer that you have a “light day” the first day after surgery. After the first post-surgical day, let good judgment be your guide.

Mouth Rinse

Do not rinse today. Start using the mouth rinse, Peridex®, the DAY AFTER SURGERY, twice a day morning and night, do not rinse vigorously. DO NOT use toothpaste and mouth rinse within 30 minutes of each other. It is very important to use the rinse to promote faster healing. Warm salt water rinses may be used following meals to remove food debris.


DO NOT drink through a straw, but please drink plenty of water. You must eat nutritious foods in order to heal properly. See that your diet has soft, high protein foods: such as eggs, baked fish, chicken, turkey, vegetables, fruits, and soup. AVOID hard, sharp, spicy, salty, and fried or high temperature foods. Chew on the side opposite of the treated area. See attached sheet for additional information.

Oral Hygiene

It is important to keep your mouth clean. Brush your other teeth well, but do not brush the treated area, continuing to use Peridex® mouthwash to keep the treated area clean.


Some slight bleeding (pink saliva) will be experienced for the first 24 hours. If bleeding occurs, do not rinse. Moisten a gauze pad or an unused tea bag with warm water. Place it over the area and hold firmly for 10 minutes. Repeat if necessary.


A slight fever or chills may occur. Do not worry, unless the fever persists for more than 24 hours. A persistent low-grade temperature or one above 102 degrees should be reported.

We are here to help, contact us immediately if:

Excessive bleeding occurs
Severe pain is present
Marked swelling occurs
You have a high-grade temperature